Watch our new video!

We are delighted to announce that we have a new video about The Amber Trust which, as well as highlighting the vital work we do, showcases some of our hugely talented beneficiaries.

Featuring footage from our recent event, ‘An Afternoon of Music’ the video captures performances from Amber beneficiaries including Mahalia Creft on the violin, Anna Foo on the flute, as well as Ashleigh Turley on the piano and saxophone. It also features interviews with some of the children and their families, who talk about the vital support The Amber Trust has given in helping each child realise their passion and talent for music.

As well as footage of the brilliant Derek Pavavacini Quartet, the video also talks about the beginnings of The Amber Trust and how Derek Pavavacini is the founding member of the charity.

We hope you enjoy our new video! Do share it with as many people as possible to help highlight the important work we do in supporting blind and partially sighted children across the UK, who have a talent or love for music.

You can also subscribe to our new YouTube channel, where we plan to celebrate the achievements of more of our amazing beneficiaries.