Watch Lucy play the piano

Lucy is blind having had tumours in both her eyes when she was very young. Despite developmental delay, she has an extraordinary talent for music and uses it to help communicate how she feels. Lucy is able to repeat any tune on a keyboard when she has heard it played just once. She enjoys a wide range of music and loves accompanying her class singing. Lucy has received Amber Music Awards for individual piano lessons since March 2013 and is showing very extensive development of her musical skills, awareness and understanding.

Her piano teacher Daniel Bath writes:

“At 5 years old, Lucy is the most musically gifted student with whom I have so far worked … Her playing and singing is also communicating a wide emotional range of expression and a lot of humour and fun … This awareness of emotional communication through musical performance is a great development in Lucy’s overall maturity and it is clear that it has a profound impact on her general communication and inter-personal skills”