Spreading the word

Engage with your community and tell everybody you know about your event! Word of mouth is still one of the most effective (and cheapest) ways of letting people know about your event. However, there are many other channels of communication that you can use to really help spread the word.



Setting up your own online sponsorship page is the easiest and quickest means of collecting immediate support from friends, family and work colleagues. You can reach a lot more people and raise more money by setting up an online fundraising page.

When you set up a fundraising page, remember to personalise it. Add a photo of yourself or even a video and a short overview of what The Amber Trust means to you and why you are fundraising for us. By adding a fundraising target to your page, you are likely to raise almost 10% more than without one. It is also really helpful to make sure your first sponsor is a generous one, as it helps get larger subsequent ones.

GoFundMe – Online fundraising service

If you want offline sponsorship forms to give to friends and family, or to give to local businesses to display to help collect extra donations, you can download a form from our useful documents page. Also, do get in touch with us if you would like an official collection box to help with your fundraising efforts.

Social Media

Promote your fundraising activity on your favourite social media channel, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. These channels are great for promoting your fundraising page on and can make good use of any additional materials you’ve prepared, such as photos and videos. Remember to also link up to The Amber Trust social media profiles.

Posters & Flyers

Use our templates to advertise your activity locally on noticeboards. Also ask shops to display them in their windows, as well as local schools.


Change your work and personal email signature to include an appeal for sponsorship with a link to your fundraising page. This is a great way to raise awareness of what you’re doing!


Do you already have a blog? Talk about your fundraising for The Amber Trust. If not you might like to give it a go. Try WordPress or Blogger to set up a free blog to help publicise your fundraising event. If you’re training for a challenge event, you could do a series of posts about your progress. It is a great way to keep everyone involved at every stage of your event.

Local Press & Radio

Getting local or regional press coverage for your event will not only help you boost your fundraising efforts but it’s also a great opportunity to highlight the work of The Amber Trust. The best way to get noticed in the local media is to write a press release. Use our template to help you write a press release and then email it to the newspaper or radio station. It is good to follow up with a phone call to ensure they have read it too.