Photography, Video and Audio Recording Policy


The Amber Trust’s work involves the taking and use of photographicvideo and audio recordings to assess Amber Music Award applications; to illustrate children’s progress; to showcase the impact of the charity’s support; for evaluation and research; and for publicity and marketing, including on its website, social media and in publications. The Amber Trust recognises that the act of photographing, video and audio recording images of children and young people is associated with potential risk if shared with personal information 

Policy Statement

The Amber Trust is committed to safeguarding the welfare of the children and young people it supports, and treating them with care, respect and dignity. Any photograph, video or audio recording taken of a child or young person must be for legitimate purposes in accordance with the charity’s objectives. 

This policy applies to the taking of photographs, video and audio recordings, whether for use by The Amber Trust, its funders, partners or the media. The procedures for the use of photographs, video and audio recordings are also covered in the charity’s Privacy Policy as images are classed as personal information. 


The Amber Trust does not sanction, and, in the case of practitioners undertaking work on the Amber Trust services, does not permit photographs, other images, video or audio recordings of children and young people to be taken without the consent of the parents/guardians and the young person if aged 13 years or older and has the capacity to consent. This consent is valid whilst the child or young person is a beneficiary of The Amber Trust and for up to two years afterwards. Consent can be withdrawn at any time by informing The Amber Trust in writing or by email. We cannot withdraw images already published in printed books, newspapers, magazines and journals, but will remove online photographs, video and audio recordings where possible. 

If photographs, video or audio recordings are selected to be used in high-profile contexts (such as YouTube videos and television programmes), The Amber Trust will always seek further permission of parents/guardians and the children/young people. The Amber Trust takes all steps to ensure that photographs, video or audio recordings are used solely for the purposes they are intended. 

Security of images and recordings

The Amber Trust undertakes that any images, video and audio recordings are stored securely on the charity’s Office 365 network and Dropbox account (Dropbox is used solely for the storing of images and recordings) identified only through a child’s first name and initial of surname (so they cannot be traced) except where the full name has been published*. Image files are only accessible by authorised personnel who require this access. Images and recordings are tagged and stored by financial year so that they can be archived when no longer current. 

Use of images and recordings

The Amber Trust uses images and recordings for the:

  • internal purposes of assessment of Amber Music Award applications and progress reports
  • internal purposes of service evaluation and research
  • external use – presentations and publications to provide information or raise awareness/funds (printed and online)
  • external use – on The Amber Trust website and social media 
  • external use – on other organisations’ websites and social media 

We seek consent for each purpose and take all steps to ensure these images and recordings are used solely for the purposes they are intended. The parents/guardians and the young person (if aged 13 years or older and has the capacity to consent) can withdraw consent at any time by informing The Amber Trust in writing. 

Images and recordings of children and young people will not be published or publicly displayed with information that could easily permit personal identification of the individual. The Amber Trust only uses a child or young person’s first name as identification when publishing or sharing an image or recording. A child or young person’s full name may be available if they are performing at an event or featuring in media coverage and have provided additional personal information*

This policy is to be read in conjunction with the following policy:

Privacy Policy

Adoption date: 28/02/2018
Last review date: 16/05/2023