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Musical Moments of 2023 – Week One Round-Up

This December, we are reflecting on the past year and celebrating the children and young people supported by The Amber Trust in their Musical Moments of 2023.

The Amber Team loves each photo, video or story we receive from our families, and we know that our supporters will enjoy them too.

Each week, we will be posting here a round up of the submissions that we are sharing on our social media accounts. If you want to follow our Musical Moments of 2023 campaign on social media, you can find us on FacebookTwitter (X), and Instagram.

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Alma and Suzie

[Video description: A video of Suzie playing the piano and Alma playing the flute, along with their teacher Robyn who is also playing the flute. Alma and Robyn take turns playing the melody. They are performing outside and look cosy in their winter coats.]

Sophie, Alma and Suzie’s mum, told us, ‘They’ve worked really hard to learn the song in short notice and we were very proud of how well they performed.

‘Both Alma and Suzie love their lessons, and we are very grateful to Amber Trust for supporting them both on their musical journey – continuing to support Alma after she took an interest in her teacher Robyn’s flute, while Suzie has continued with the piano. Suzie also has her first piano exam today.

‘Both girls enjoy learning their instruments and they particularly enjoyed performing for the first time.’


[Video description: A video of Hannah singing ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’ to Charlotte, who has a tablet in front of her that creates percussion sounds when she touches it. Charlotte vocalises into a microphone as Hannah sings.]

Charlotte is on our Little Amber scheme and has regular sessions with specialist music practitioner, Hannah.

‘My daughter, Charlotte, has been having music sessions with Hannah for a few months now,’ says Charlotte’s mother, Jen. ‘We signed up because Charlotte has always loved music. From the get-go, Hannah has been kind, attentive, encouraging and overall brilliant. She is a fantastic artist, knows exactly what she is doing and how to get the best from Charlotte.

‘Progress was pretty immediate, actually. From the first session, Charlotte started looking at the instrument she wanted. She has severe visual impairment and has never chosen by looking for and at something. This was incredible to see. She was so motivated by Hannah.

‘Since starting, even our speech therapist had to admit Charlotte was able to make decisions visually. This has helped us on the communication journey.

‘We are so grateful and so excited to continue working with Hannah.’

It’s wonderful that Charlotte is getting so much from her time with Hannah!


Zinovia is holding up her ABRSM Prep Test certificate and has a big smile on her face.

Congratulations to Zinovia for receiving her first certificate!

‘Thanks to Amber’s funding, Zinovia has been enjoying her piano lessons,’ says her mother, Anastasia. ‘She also joined her school choir and will perform at the Young Voices event at the O2 Arena. She is trying to decide what she likes best – singing or piano.’

It’s wonderful to hear that Zinovia is excelling in her musical pursuits!


[Video description: Yasmin sits and sings ‘Danny Boy.’ Her hair is tucked into her roll neck jumper.]

For Yasmin’s Musical Moment of 2023, she wanted to share a performance of ‘Danny Boy,’ her Grade 3 Singing piece.

Yasmin sings beautifully – we are so pleased she is enjoying her lessons and is progressing with her grades.


[Video description: Music practitioner Zsuzsanna shows the windchimes to Atlas, who is 10 weeks old and is being held by his dad. The family are singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Amelia is in a high chair and is listening and vocalising.’]

Amelia’s Musical Moment of 2023, features her baby brother, Atlas. Amelia is on our Little Amber scheme and her visits from Zsuzsanna involve the whole family as much as possible.

‘Amelia always enjoys her music sessions with Zsuzsanna,’ says her mother, Sian. ‘Amelia loves anything musical. Her favourites are Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star and the musical chimes. Today, Amelia’s baby brother Atlas joined in and it was truly special as a family.’

Zsuzsanna said that ‘It was lovely to meet the family again after the arrival of their new baby boy. The interaction and the way the children were listening to the music was just lovely. Amelia’s parents are very active in participating in the sessions. It’s been great to see Amelia listening to and imitating many of the sounds.’

Thank you for sharing such a lovely family moment with us!

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