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Musical Moments of 2023 – Week 3 Round-Up

This December, we are reflecting on the past year and celebrating the children and young people supported by The Amber Trust in their Musical Moments of 2023.

The Amber Team loves each photo, video or story we receive from our families, and we know that our supporters will enjoy them too.

Here is a round-up of the submissions that we shared on our social media accounts this week. If you want to follow our Musical Moments of 2023 campaign on social media, you can find us on FacebookTwitter (X), and Instagram.

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[Image description: Josie is sat in the orchestra behind a music stand and holds her oboe poised to play. She is wearing a reindeer headband that has squishy antlers and ears.]

Josie, who is an Amber Music Award recipient told us: ‘I love playing oboe in an orchestra, because I’ve made a lot of friends!’

Thank you for sharing, Josie. It’s fantastic to hear you’re enjoying orchestra so much!


[Video description: Teddy gently plucks the strings of a guitar balanced on his lap. Nursery rhymes are playing in the background.]

As part of our Little Amber scheme, Teddy, 4, receives sessions at home with specialist music practitioner Simon.

‘Teddy is enjoying his music lessons,’ says his mother, Kelsee. ‘He is fully blind so really appreciates music and loves his lessons. He is very into his string instruments and is learning to be gentle, as you can see from the video.

‘We really appreciate the lessons – he really does thrive off them.’

We are so pleased Teddy is enjoying his Little Amber sessions!


[Video description: Eliza plays the piano with an audience in the background. She performs her own composition titled ‘Purple Octopus,’ using eight fingers to reflect the eight legs of an octopus. She is wearing a bobble hat.]

Eliza is a Music Award recipient and recently showcased her own composition at a Christmas Concert organised by her music teacher.

‘It was such a lovely surprise to hear Eliza playing her own composition,’ says Eliza’s mother, Lucy. ‘This piece is called “Purple Octopus,” but Eliza tells me that this is a working title… She used just eight fingers to play the piece because an octopus has eight legs. I think it is a beautiful, atmospheric soundscape of a piece.

‘Eliza has been learning piano for a few years now, supported by The Amber Trust. We feel so lucky that her teacher Becs has been able to nurture her learning by ear and expression through composition.’

Congratulations on composing such a beautiful piece Eliza!


[Video description: Romilly performs Vivaldi’s violin Concerto in G minor. She is standing on stage at her school talent show, with a variety of musical instruments in the background.]

Romilly took part in her school talent show this month, performing Vivaldi’s Concerto in G minor. As an Amber Music Awardee, Amber funded the purchase of Romilly’s violin.

Well done on such a wonderful performance Romilly! It’s fantastic to hear that you are enjoying your violin.


[Video description: Audrey sits with her mother on the floor of their sitting room with a Christmas tree sparkling in the background. Audrey sings ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas’ with her music practitioner, Steve, who is out of shot.]

Here is a very special Christmas message from Audrey, who sings so beautifully.

Thank you for sharing your song with us, Audrey – we couldn’t think of a better way to wish everyone a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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