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Musical Moments of 2022 – Weekly Round-Up

To wrap up another year, we asked the families supported by The Amber Trust whether they would like to send us any ‘Musical Moments of 2022’ to share with our supporters.

It really makes our day to when we receive a video, photo, or general update from our Amber families, and we were over the moon with all of the submissions that have come through to us.

Each week, we will post a round-up of the submissions that we are sharing on our social media accounts. You can find The Amber Trust on FacebookTwitterInstagram – come and say hello!


For Harry’s Musical Moment of 2022, his mum, Elizabeth, sent us this lovely video of Harry enjoying music practitioner Emily’s rendition of ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’!

Harry’s smile says it all! We’re so happy that he’s enjoying his AmberPlus sessions with @emilytullymusic!

AmberPlus supports children from 5-18 years of age and provides one-to-one sessions with a specially trained music practitioner, such as Emily.


Laiba has chosen to share this wonderful rendition of ‘Colours of the Wind’ as her Musical Moment of 2022!

We think that Laiba sings this song beautifully. Thank you for sharing this with us, Laiba!


For Grace’s Musical Moment of 2022, her mum, Sarah, has shared these lovely photos of Grace from some of her Little Amber sessions!

We are delighted that our Little Amber scheme is helping Grace and her family!

Our Little Amber scheme provides children such as Grace with a starter set of percussion instruments and one-to-one sessions with a specially trained music practitioner.


Lily’s Musical Moment of 2022 is this wonderful festive rendition of ‘The Little Drummer Boy’.

Lily’s mum, Jane, says, ‘Music is Lily’s love, and we are grateful for the support she gets from The Amber Trust for voice and piano, which has allowed her to pursue her musical ambitions.’

We really enjoyed Lily’s Musical Moment!


For Sonny’s Musical Moment of 2022, Sonny’s family has chosen to share these photos from his latest AmberPlus session!

This was an important session for Sonny as he explored the keyboard independently for the first time. Sonny’s mum, Julie, said that ‘Sonny was so excited when he realized he was making the sounds by pressing the keys himself. He wore the biggest smile and his little body shook with excitement!’

As part of our AmberPlus scheme, specialist music practitioner Patricia visits Sonny and his family regularly. ‘We love our music sessions with Patricia,’ says Julie. ‘She always has bags of wonderful instruments for Sonny to explore, along with wonderful songs and musical games to play.’

It’s wonderful to hear that Sonny is enjoying the keyboard!


For her Musical Moment of 2022, Anaya wanted to share this lovely rendition of ‘Hasbi Rabbi’!

Anaya played this piece so beautifully at our Annual Concert earlier this year. Anaya also performed a wonderful duet with her sister, Laiba. You can watch the recording of the concert here:

Well done, Anaya, you perform it so well!