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Musical Moments of 2022 – Weekly Round-Up

To wrap up another year, we asked the families supported by The Amber Trust whether they would like to send us any ‘Musical Moments of 2022’ to share with our supporters.

It really makes our day to when we receive a video, photo, or general update from our Amber families, and we were over the moon with all of the submissions that came through to us.

Each week, we will post a round-up of the submissions that we are sharing on our social media accounts. You can find The Amber Trust on FacebookTwitter, Instagram – come and say hi!


We’re delighted to introduce you to the lovely George, who enjoys his Amber sessions with Emily Tully! George’s mum says that George enjoys tapping his tambourine and joining in!

George is on our Little Amber scheme, which provides one-to-one sessions with a specialist music practitioner such as Emily.


For Harry’s Musical Moment of 2022, Harry has chosen to share this lovely video of a duet with his piano teacher, Mrs East.

Harry’s mum says that Harry ‘adores playing and performing’. We can see why! ‘Harry often starts by learning the right hand part and Mrs East plays the left until he has both hands mastered. Mrs East says that she will probably only play it once as Harry learns so quickly!’

Harry’s mum told us that she was so impressed hearing the duet from the adjoining room that she asked if she could record it. ‘The Amber Trust have been marvellous in enabling Harry to learn and develop and become a great little player. Thank you.’

We’re so pleased that Harry is getting so much from his lessons!


Ronan’s Musical Moment of 2022 is this wonderful video from his first performance in a concert, accompanied by his tutor, Elric.

Cecily, Ronan’s mum, said Ronan was ‘so proud to share his music with those in the concert and raise money for the charity EACH.’

EACH supports families and cares for children and young people with life-threatening conditions across Cambridgeshire, Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk.

Well done, Ronan, what an excellent first performance!


Lydia’s Musical Moment of 2022 is this beautiful clip from her Classical Singing Grade 7 exam.

Lydia received a Distinction in the exam and achieved full marks (17/17!) for this particular song, ‘If There Were Dreams to Sell’.

Well done, Lydia, we’re so proud of your achievement!