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Musical Moments of 2022 – Weekly Round-Up

To wrap up another year, we asked the families supported by The Amber Trust whether they would like to send us any ‘Musical Moments of 2022’ to share with our supporters.

It really makes our day to when we receive a video, photo, or general update from our Amber families, and we were over the moon with all of the submissions that have come through to us.

Each week, we will post a round-up of the submissions that we are sharing on our social media accounts. You can find The Amber Trust on FacebookTwitterInstagram – come and say hello!


For Gracie’s Musical Moment of 2022, we are delighted to share Gracie’s beautiful rendition of ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.’

Gracie’s music teacher, Alison, said that ‘this really was a Musical Moment for us at school. Gracie is such a superstar. She has been enjoying lots of Christmas music over the past few weeks, and this is one of her favourites.’

Well done, Gracie, we’re definitely feeling Christmassy after watching your video!


Lucy’s Musical Moment of 2022 is this improvised duet of ‘Deck the Halls’ with her piano teacher, Daniel.

‘It’s been a very busy and exciting year for Lucy,’ says Daniel. ‘She’s been working very hard to meet some new musical challenges. For our last lesson of the year, we did what we enjoy best – improvising a jazz duet on an old seasonal favourite.’

We enjoyed your duet very much, Lucy!


Eleanor’s Musical Moment of 2022 is this flawless performance of ‘Colours of the Wind’.

Eleanor took the stage at the Vision Foundation Gala Dinner earlier this year. There were over 130 guests in the audience, including royalty, lords, politicians, and other dignitaries.

Eleanor’s dad said, ‘ Eleanor couldn’t have done it without The Amber Trust behind her!’.

Congratulations on such a wonderful achievement, Eleanor! You sang this song beautifully!

Thank you!

We would like to thank the Amber families, young musicians and teachers who participated in our Musical Moments of 2022 campaign this year.

It has been a privilege to share these videos, photos and updates with our supporters.

If you have enjoyed our Musical Moments campaign and would like to support the work that we do, you can make a donation to The Amber Trust here.

We look forward to following the children’s musical development and sharing further updates in 2023!