Music Fun Time with Kai

Kai is four. He is partially sighted and can only focus on objects that are very close to him. He has other more complex neurological problems with the developmental age of a one year old. But since Kai was a baby he has enjoyed music and loves playing musical instruments. Even though he is unable to walk or talk, he is able to interact with music, for example, by clapping along to sounds that he enjoys, by moving his shoulders and by tapping his feet to the beat of the music, when he is dancing. His mother Toni says:

“Music is such an important part of Kai’s life. It is the only art form & activity where he can truly express his feelings & emotions, use his imagination & creativity.

Despite being severely disabled, not being able to walk or talk, music brings so much joy & happiness to him. Music makes Kai smile and ignificantly improves the quality of his life.

Since attending music classes funded by Amber Trust Kai now has the ability to follow & understand music, he can play instruments in time to the music, as well as anticipate different elements of songs.

Kai has a great ear for singing voices, can detect wrong notes and knows what should be the correct pitch. For example, Kai uses facial expressions if a song is out of tune, or shows excitement when a song is sung at the right pitch!

The passion, energy and enthusiasm of Kai’s teacher at Musical Fun Time means the classes are really helping his listening skills, co-ordination, motor skills, confidence and self-expression and we would like thank  The Amber Trust for their fantastic support in providing this for Kai’s music development”.