Meet our supporters

Helen at the end of the London Marathon with her medal

£3,750 raised

“I have never run anything like 26 miles before but when the opportunity came up to run the London Marathon in aid of The Amber Trust it seemed like the perfect reason in which to really challenge myself, while at the same time supporting those children in need across the UK. My sister and I set ourselves a target of £2,000 but easily beat it by organising a pub quiz in London for family, friends and colleagues where we raised over £800. We also set up a Virgin Money Giving page and posted it on Facebook and Twitter, which helped generate sponsorship.”
Helen Leeder ran the London Marathon and also organised a pub quiz raising over £3,500.

A group of children collecting funds in Christmas jumpers

£800 raised

“Amber is a charity that touches my heart. Being immersed in a musical world offers opportunities for blind and visually impaired children to express themselves, to improve their confidence and self esteem, and to offer them an experience that they can apply to all areas of their lives. It is so apparent that some of the children Amber supports have difficult home lives, experience poverty and to some degree social exclusion because of their disabilities. Music can create for such a child a different world and an opportunity for expression and creation. It can truly change lives.”

Angie McGhee organised school cake sales, a concert and box collections in local stores raising more than £800, and all with the help of her daughter, Poppy and friends.

Derek Paravicini playing the piano with a school orchestra

£1,375 raised

The boys at King’s College Junior School in Wimbledon enjoyed a live jazz concert – with a number of them joining in – given by Derek Paravicini and his Quartet. With the support of their parents and staff they raised £1,375.

Scones with jam and cream

£420 raised

Year 8 students at the Purcell School raised £420 in their annual composition competition with a sponsored run and swim, as well as a cake sale.

Louise on her bike during her night ride.

£4,000 raised

“Nightrider was fantastic! While a huge personal challenge, it was made all the more easier doing it as part of a team. The Amber Fundraising Team was really supportive in the run up to the event and helped with the organisation. They also promoted our sponsorship pages across their social media channels which really helped.”

Louise Walport was part of the eight person Amber Team that took part in Nightrider cycling over 100km along the streets of London raising more than £4,000.

The river Dart - green trees over the riverbank

£500 raised

“I chose to raise money for Amber when by chance I picked up their leaflet and it touched me how vital their achievements are. It was a pleasure to help this genius of a charity, where everyone is so appreciative of any effort to raise funds: I had a fantastic response from my sponsors.”

Helen Sargent swam 10km down the River Dart in Devon and raised £500.