Introducing Little Amber

Little Amber is Amber’s innovative music service that aims to enable blind or partially sighted babies and young children to engage with music by providing families and professionals with resources and ideas for music-making.

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Little Amber Website & Free Resources

We have created 48 activity cards to help you engage with your child through music. They include sound and video files to guide you along the way.

Resources that can be viewed online or downloaded. These are FREE and open to all families and professionals worldwide.

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Musical activity cards

In addition to the website we have created 48 printed activity cards to help you engage with your child through music. They include 500 ideas for everyday musical games and activities that every parent of a young, blind or partially sighted child can do. Contact us to buy your own set, only £10.00 plus p&p.

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Little Amber Music Awards

Little Amber offers a Music Awards scheme available to families in the UK who have a vision impaired child under five, who may also have additional disabilities. Families involved in the scheme will receive a set of music activity cards, a set of percussion instruments, and 8 hours of home visits a year from a specially trained Amber music practitioner (to be organised flexibly between the family and the practitioner).  

To apply for a Little Amber Music Award, please use the online registration form on the Little Amber site.

Little Amber Music Awards run until a child’s fifth birthday. For older children who want to learn an instrument, please refer to our Music Awards. For children with complex needs, please refer to our specialist service, AmberPlus. 

Download our leaflet PDF Document

Little Amber activity cards

The importance of music for babies

Music is particularly important for babies and young children who are visually impaired. Research spearheaded by The Amber Trust has shown that music-making has a positive impact on children’s lives in a way that nothing else does. The benefits include:

  • Bonding with parents and carers
  • Learning to listen carefully
  • Developing language
  • Finding out about the world around
  • Playing and having fun!

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