A photo from one of George's AmberPlus sessions. George sits on the floor holding a percussion instrument. A quote from his mum, Ebony, says "Thank you

George’s AmberPlus sessions with Wendy are a lot of fun!

Eight-year-old George really enjoys his AmberPlus sessions with Wendy. He was originally enrolled on our Little Amber scheme when he was two years old and was paired with Amber music practitioner Wendy. They are still working together six years later.  

When George turned five, he graduated onto our AmberPlus scheme, which is for children and young people aged 5-18, including those with additional disabilities.  

‘George has a wonderful time with the wonderful Wendy,’ says his mum, Ebony. ‘Thank you for giving us such bright moments.’  

We’re so pleased George is enjoying his AmberPlus sessions! 

Find out more about our AmberPlus scheme.

George enjoying his AmberPlius sessions.

[Video description: A video montage of three clips. In the first, Wendy sings a song to George, describing what he is doing. It starts with ‘George is dancing,’ and moves to ‘George is bouncing.’ In the last two clips, Wendy scrapes a guiro shaker, making George smile and his family laugh.]