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Photos of Chapman Shum, Derek Paravicini and Poppy McGhee accompany the words 'Derek Paravicini and Friends - Music is not just a pastime, it's a lifeline. Charity Concert in aid of The Amber Trust. 6th October 2024 (Sunday) 1pm. Venue: Riverhouse Barn Arts Centre, Manor Road, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, KT12 2PF.'

Derek Paravicini and Friends

Sun 06 Oct 2024 - 1:00 pm

Riverhouse Barn, Manor Road, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, KT12 2PF

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Renowned pianist, Derek Paravicini, alongside Professor of Music, Adam Ockelford and guest performers thirteen-year-old blind pianist, Chapman Shum, and Amber Trust ‘Golden Fundraiser’ and Violinist Poppy McGhee present a concert of music in aid of the Amber Trust.

The Amber Trust supports musical children (from toddlers to teenagers) who are blind or partially sighted and may have other disabilities. For their beneficiaries, “music is not a pastime but a lifeline”. This concert is a fundraiser for the Amber Trust in order for them to continue to nurture future musicians.

Derek Paravicini, who was the inspiration behind the Amber Trust, is blind and autistic and a world-famous pianist. The concert is a chance to see him live at the Riverhouse Barn Arts Centre! At the concert, he will play music a wide range of styles, from Bach to the Beatles, including requests from the audience.  He will even create a brand new piece, especially for the concert.

Tickets: £15
Sunday 6 October 2024 – 1pm

Derek Paravicini

Born three and a half months prematurely, Derek is blind and has severe autism. But with perfect pitch, innate talent and a lot of practice, he became a concert pianist by the age of 10. He can play almost any piece by ear in any key and style and is one of the most extraordinary pianists and musicians of his generation.

Chapman Shum

Chapman, 13, is a young blind pianist who has conquered the challenges posed by a rare disease that left him blind from birth, coupled with difficulties in speech and learning. Despite these formidable obstacles, at 11 years old, he accomplished the extraordinary feat of achieving a distinction in the Grade 8 piano exam.

Poppy McGhee

Poppy, a scholar at the Royal Academy of Music, loves to perform, but what is really important to her is being able to bring pleasure to others through her music. In recognition of Poppy’s exceptional work for a number of charities, most notably the Amber Trust, Future Talent, and AYM (Awards for Young Musicians), Poppy was awarded a Rotary Young Citizen’s Award (2021), and a Diana Award (2021) – the former being one of only six such awards nationally.

Adam Ockelford

Adam Ockelford is a Professor of Music and Director of the Applied Music Research Centre at the University of Roehampton, London. He has previously worked at the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB), initially as Music Education Advisor before serving as Director of Education. Adam Ockelford is the Founder and Trustee of The Amber Trust, a UK-wide charity that supports blind and partially sighted children and young people in their pursuit of music.