BBC Radio 4 Appeal on behalf
of The Amber Trust

Cecily recording BBC radio 4 appeal for Amber

Listen to Cecily Morrison presenting our BBC Radio 4 Appeal.

Cecily, who knows just what a life-line music can be for a blind child, talks here about her son Ronan and why she is a supporter of Amber’s work.

To hear Cecily talk more about the impact our work can have on blind and partially sighted children, who have a talent or a love for music, please  visit the BBC Radio 4 website.

Any donation, large or small, will make a huge difference to the lives of the musically gifted blind or partially sighted children we support, like Ronan. Please note, it is no longer possible to donate to Amber via the BBC; please go to the dedicted donation area on the Amber webiste (a link is at the bottom of this page).

Ronan’s story

Ronan on the piano

Ronan is a truly remarkable little boy. He is totally blind and is still learning to speak. But he can communicate – brilliantly well – through music. For him, playing the piano is a proxy language; he uses music to convey his thoughts and feelings with great eloquence. For Ronan, it is crucial that people understand him as he reaches out to them through his music making, and this is where The Amber Trust comes in, funding musicians who can become Ronan’s companions in his journey of musical development.

BBC Radio 4 charity appeal badge

To find out more about donations visit the

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