The Amber Trust is a winner of eBay’s Give at Checkout competition!

This week (13 to 18 June) is Small Charity Week 2016. All over the world, people are celebrating through promotions and other activities designed to support small charities, and The Amber Trust is delighted to announce that we’ve been selected as winners of eBay’s Give a Checkout competition for the week!

rsz_1smallcharityweeklogoGive at Checkout is an eBay for Charity and PayPal Giving Fund fundraising initiative through which eBay buyers can add a small donation when they’re completing a purchase – 100% of the funds go to the selected charity. eBay users can choose which of the four winning small charities to make a donation to by reading a tagline relevant to each, which is displayed at checkout.

Out of the hundreds of suggested taglines submitted to the organisers of Small Charity Week, we are very excited to win one of the coveted slots with the tagline: “Donate £2 to bring the joy of music into the life of a blind child”.

Julia Walport, Chair of The Amber Trust commented: “The Amber Trust is thrilled to be one of the winners of eBay’s Give at Checkout competition this year. It provides us with a fantastic opportunity to raise our profile and teach shoppers all around the world about the joy music can bring to blind and partially sighted children. By supporting small charities like us, eBay is helping us to raise the vital funds needed for the 25,000 children with little or no sight in the UK who have a talent or love for music.”