Amber’s music sessions and lessons continue …

These are difficult times for everyone, but particularly for Amber’s beneficiaries and their families as schools have closed and home visits from teachers and practitioners have stopped. But like lots of other aspects of our children’s education, music learning is going online. At Amber, we are encouraging everyone to hook up with Zoom or Skype where they can, so that their connection to music isn’t lost while we wait for life to return to normal.

Last week saw our fabulous Little Amber music practitioner, Ashleigh Lowes, run our first online session with Abigail, her sister Izzy and mum, Ruth.

Ruth, Abigail’s mum told us, “Our daughter Abigail is visually impaired and has complex health and learning needs. She absolutely loves having Ashleigh come to visit as part of Little Amber from The Amber Trust . Due to having to isolate Abigail with the current COVID-19 regulations, we were thrilled to hear that we could attempt the session via video link. Ashleigh scheduled a meeting and the session ran smoothly. Abigail thoroughly enjoyed the music and interaction just as usual! The picture and audio were clear and Abigail (and her sister Izzy) were able to engage with Ashleigh leading the songs almost as if she were here in person. We looked forwards to more of these sessions to help get through the coming weeks and months!”

Ashleigh told us “ We started with our usual Hello song.  Abigail showed an instant reaction to the familiar song and started smiling, bouncing and clapping! We then sang some other familiar songs and implemented scarves to introduce action and movement. Next we got the instruments out and they all played along to the songs with instructions and dynamics. We then sang a few more favourites and finished with a lullaby.”

Elodie is another Amber beneficiary who is having her music lessons online. Watch a wonderful clip of her learning with her teacher, Kerri, via Zoom:

If you are having music lessons online, please do get in touch and let us know how you’re getting on. Perhaps you could even send a photo! We would love to hear from you. 0300 3239964