A photo of Age No Concern playing at the Ilkley Bandstand. The sun is shining and the audience are sitting around the bandstand, which is decorated with colourful bunting.

Age No Concern has been busy fundraising in aid of The Amber Trust

A big thank you to the band ‘Age No Concern’ who have recently performed a concert in aid of Amber at the Ilkley Bandstand.

The band have only been together in their present formation for just over a year, and they have chosen to support The Amber Trust with more fundraising concerts in the future. 

Band member Tony Lane explains that he became involved with Age No Concern because they needed a dedicated drummer. “The guitarists got together as they have the same teacher and one of them played drums initially,” says Tony. “Although they are of a mature age, they haven’t been playing too long. While learning, they decided to form a band. I came along when they advertised for a drummer. 

“When I met up with them, we got along lovely from the start. We played our second gig in a church in Leeds to raise money for charity.  

“A few weeks ago, I contacted the Red Kite about playing in their lovely beer garden. I was surprised to hear that they thought it was a great idea. I said we would make it a charity event and suggested we do it for The Amber Trust. As we are a musical band it would be so good to carry on helping The Amber Trust. 

“Times are hard for a lot of people, so we just ask if those in the audience can put a little loose change in the box. It all helps.” 

A photo showing a banner hung on the bandstand, which says “Age No Concern, supporting The Amber Trust”. Underneath the banner is an open guitar case with an Amber collection tin.

Join Age No Concern at their next Amber fundraising event on Saturday 13th July. Enjoy a charity dog walk followed by music from the band at the Red Kite Pub in Wakefield. You can find more details about the event here.

The five band members of Age No Concern stand with their instruments. Four of them are holding guitars and one is sitting a drum kit with drumsticks in his hand.