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Leaving a lasting legacy to The Amber Trust with a free online will

It’s Remember A Charity Week and we’re celebrating the incredible act of leaving a gift to charity in your will, otherwise known as ‘Willanthropy.’

In case you would like to become The Amber Trust’s next Willanthropist, we have an exciting offer for our supporters.

Write your will for free

It’s now easier than ever to write your will.

We have teamed up with Make a Will Online to offer our supporters a free online will in just 3 easy steps:

  • Head to our page to learn more about writing your will
  • Start the process by clicking the button ‘Make a free will online’
  • Write your will by answering some straightforward questions

Leaving a legacy gift to charity

You will be given the option of leaving a gift in your will to The Amber Trust if you would like to, and to any other charities you may want to remember. A solicitor will then check your will before sending it to you.

Did you know…?

  • 68% of people in England and Wales don’t have a will
  • You don’t need to donate anything right now to make a difference
  • A small gift in your will can have a big impact

Leaving a legacy gift today will help The Amber Trust support blind and partially sighted children for generations to come.

Every donation makes a difference

We make every penny count, and any donation – big or small – has a positive impact on the work we do at The Amber Trust.

Various musical instruments accompany the words, ‘How your money helps… £15 pays for a group music session; £25 pays for one music lesson; £45 pays for one braille lesson; £200 pays for one term of singing lessons; £500 pays for a year of Little Amber sessions; £1,500 pays for one workshop programme.

The life-changing power of music

When Sonny explored the keyboard for the first time, he had recently started to walk independently. He was able to select the keyboard as his instrument of choice and explore it by himself. Sonny was overcome with excitement at being able to do what he wanted to do. “He was so proud of himself,” said his mum, Julie.

Sonny’s AmberPlus sessions have helped him make decisions, form opinions and convey these to the people around him, such as sharing his delight or dislike of the music being played. The bond between Sonny and his music practitioner has given him the confidence to indicate through sign language when he would like more of something.

You can read Sonny’s full story at Remember A Charity.

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Will you become our next Willanthropist?

By leaving a legacy gift to The Amber Trust, you can help us change the lives of blind and partially sighted children and young people through music.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about this process.

A photo of Lily, a blind teenager, smiling as she sings into a microphone. ‘Will you… Change the lives of blind children through music? By leaving a legacy today, you can help blind and partially sighted children and young people fulfil their potential.’
'Leave a gift in your will and make a lasting difference. Ensure your values live on and get a solicitor-checked Will for free with Make A Will Online.'
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