The Amber Trust

Providing musical opportunities for blind and partially sighted children, and children with more complex needs, via its Music Awards and Music Services.

Teaching Resources

Amber Sound Touch

A major new online resource for teaching music to a blind child. This superb teaching aid comprises 13 engaging videos complemented with a comprehensive written guide, dealing with important topics such as learning to play by ear, guidelines for appropriate touch in teaching technique, notation, improvising, practice and performance.

Watch the Introduction Webinar with Professor Adam Ockelford

Recent News

International Stress Awareness Week

It’s International Stress Awareness Week! We are celebrating the power of music, which has been shown to reduce stress and improve a sense of well-being. What happens when we experience stress? When we experience a perceived threat, a chain reaction…


Joseph and Baluji explore a new instrument

Have you ever wondered how to introduce a new instrument to a blind or partially sighted individual? Someone with a vision impairment will require sensory exploration to become familiar with an instrument – touching and feeling it, exploring its construction…

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